воскресенье, 20 марта 2011 г.


What do i like about this movie? it's depressing, hard to watch, tough, too realistic, about people's lives under harsh circumstances. It's about a middle-aged man Uxbal, who lives in Barcelona and struggles to provide for his family  and who is dying of cancer.
But why i didn't feel bored, depressed or bad when i watched it? Moreover i felt happiness, admiration, enthusiasm. Alejandro Gonzalez Innarritu (Amores Perros, 21 gramm, Babel) - a genius director who knows how to show love through tragedy, talks about life and will to live shooting film about death. All his movies are tragedies and Biutiful isn't an exception. These kind of movies make u feel something deep inside and that feeling stays with you afterwards, and u come out of the cinema and continue thinking about the movie. In addition brilliant performance of one of the greatest actors of contemporary cinema Javier Bardem makes the story more deep and powerful. 


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  1. when i saw trailer, i was thinking of watching it, but was afraid it would be tragic and too hard to watch :) thanks piso, i will play it :)

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