воскресенье, 20 марта 2011 г.


What do i like about this movie? it's depressing, hard to watch, tough, too realistic, about people's lives under harsh circumstances. It's about a middle-aged man Uxbal, who lives in Barcelona and struggles to provide for his family  and who is dying of cancer.
But why i didn't feel bored, depressed or bad when i watched it? Moreover i felt happiness, admiration, enthusiasm. Alejandro Gonzalez Innarritu (Amores Perros, 21 gramm, Babel) - a genius director who knows how to show love through tragedy, talks about life and will to live shooting film about death. All his movies are tragedies and Biutiful isn't an exception. These kind of movies make u feel something deep inside and that feeling stays with you afterwards, and u come out of the cinema and continue thinking about the movie. In addition brilliant performance of one of the greatest actors of contemporary cinema Javier Bardem makes the story more deep and powerful. 


пятница, 18 марта 2011 г.


А жизнь - только слово.
Есть лишь Любовь и есть Смерть.
Эй, а кто будет петь,
Если все будут спать?
Смерть стоит того, чтобы жить.
А любовь стоит тогоБ чтобы ждать.

he's f**** special

Thom Yorke makes me cry. I find this genius.

четверг, 17 марта 2011 г.

source of inspiration

Today i was lucky to witness a very beautiful and inspiring scene. I was sitting in the cafe with my friend having coffee and chatting, when a grey-headed old man sat not far from our table. At first I didn't pay attention to him and continued talking to my friend. Then I noticed that the man took out a newspaper and put pencils on it. He didn't order anything and started sharpening his pencils. He started looking at people very narrowly, his eyes travelled over the whole place. Then he took a pencil and started drawing. He was drawing a man sitting near us, I was lucky again cause I could see the old man's sketch and his "model" at the same time. The whole thing was very exciting for me and I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Little by little all the people started looking at him very interested and inspired. He didn't notice it,  he was immersed in his own world at that moment and gracefully moved his hand. I was so thrilled and very happy to watch this kind of scene. I had an irresistible desire to sit next to him, ask him some questions, cause I'm sure these kind of people always have many interesting stories to tell. But i didn't want to disturb. So he finished his work, came to the table where his "model'' was sitting and gifted him his drawing. The man was very surprised and glad. That extraordinary man returned to his table and continued looking around. Unfortunately my friend and I had to leave and weren't able to see other works of that kindly old man. Still I'm very grateful that I have met this man today, he made my evening very interesting and I will remember him for a long time. He gave me a big part of his inspiration!)

picture of the day

One of my favorite photos by Elliott Erwitt and one of the best pictures I ever seen!